Webinar: Adopting a Trauma-Informed Lens in Supervision (2 Days)


Friday, Feb 23, 2024 - Saturday, Feb 24, 2024

12 Supervision CEs

Research consistently reveals that a disproportionate number of clients who seek or are required to seek social work services have histories of trauma. Therefore, social workers must understand how they can respond to the unique needs of clients with histories of trauma in ways that promote empowerment and minimize the risk of re-traumatization.  

Clinicians also require the support and guidance of supervisors who themselves understand the trauma-informed formulation, its implications for practice and supervision, and the nature and manifestations of indirect trauma and their role in helping supervisees manage it.  

In day one, the emphasis will be on familiarizing participants with the TI formulation, its guiding principles, and relevance to clinical practice. Because working with clients with histories of trauma inevitably results in clinicians being indirectly traumatized, this phenomenon will be explained.  

In day two, the presenter will identify common models of clinical supervision and explain their intersection with the TI formulation. She will then describe supervisory skills that promote the TI principles that enhance supervisees’ competence and confidence, create a supervisory alliance that respects supervisees’ cultural and social identities, address disruptions in the supervisory relationship, helpfully “demand work” of supervisees, and respond to supervisees’ experiences with indirect trauma.  

Throughout the two days, the presenter will identify content that reflects and is consistent with Maryland BSWE regulations and requirements for supervisors and relies upon a discussion format. The presenter will integrate research and theory and provide case examples to illustrate key points. Attendees will be encouraged to share their questions, cases, and concerns.   

This training is intended for Social Workers, LCPCs, Psychologists, and anyone interested in the subject matter.

Location: Virtual

Sponsored By: University of Maryland School of Social Work

Cost: $260.00-$280.00

For questions, email cpe@ssw.umaryland.edu.

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