Webinar: Leading by Example: Navigating the Internal Work of Being a Social Work Supervisor


Thursday, Jul 11, 2024

3 Supervision CEs

This three-hour workshop will satisfy the MBSWE requirements for Supervision CEs.  

Social Work is a decidedly complex field that is all at once populated by mission-driven professionals that derive insurmountable energy and passion from frontline work. The path to this work is deeply personal and is often described as an inexplicable calling and compulsion to serve with compassion and humility. 

While there may be an intrinsic culture and tradition to proverbial trench work, the ambiguous elements of our discipline can obscure our invaluable skill-sets—particularly skill sets that are transferable to leadership.

 Furthermore, professional migration into leadership roles is profoundly difficult. This is in part due to the perceived divergence from direct client/community contact to administrative roles that may feel at odds with client centricity.

 Navigating the path of leadership is marked by an endless array of internal work around key issues, such as exercising power and authority, building new teams, professional gatekeeping; and prioritization of client needs. These are often the unseen and yet pronounced tensions that create strife and struggles for Social Work leaders and their teams. 

This training will address the unseen challenges, tactics for the internal work, and will offer recommendations for how we can collectively grow and nurture our social work leaders as they attempt to navigate the ever-changing landscape of service.  

Location: Virtual

Sponsored By: University of Maryland School of Social Work Examiners

Cost: $70.00-$90.00

For questions, email cpe@ssw.umaryland.edu

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