Webinar: Ethics, Mandated Reporting, Social Justice, and Implicit Bias


Tuesday, Jul 9, 2024

6 CEs for both classes

Attendees can register for one or both sessions

Class 1: 10:00AM - 1:00PM EST

Implicit Bias Training: Increasing Understanding towards Reducing Barriers and Disparities in Access to and Delivery of Physical and Mental Health Care Services

Physical and Mental health professionals cannot ignore the impact that various forms of bias play into the barriers to and disparities experience in the delivery of care. For instance, the concerns of women who present for treatment are more often ignored than those of men who present for treatment. And, the concerns of Black women, in particular, are ignored at their peril. This course explains the role of implicit and explicit bias in defining the systems that provide physical and mental health care in America. This course also includes strategies for individual professionals, and professionals in collaboration, to use in order to reduce disparities in access to and delivery of physical and mental health care services. This course meets the “Implicit Bias Training” requirements outlined under Michigan State Public Health Code.



Class 2: 1:45PM - 4:45PM EST

Making the Tough Call: Exploring the Ethics of Mandated Reporting through the Lens of Racial & Social Justice - A Cultural Competence Workshop

For over 50 years, various professionals have been required by law to report suspicions of child abuse and neglect as “mandated reporters”. This workshop explores the role of mandated reporting by applying foundational ethical principles through the lens of racial & social justice. An exploration of the original intent of mandated reporter laws will be juxtaposed with the evolution of the legal responsibility, and resulting disproportionalities in the current system.  As society grapples with the role that certain systems, including the child welfare system, have played in poor outcomes for children of color, it is vital that we explore the role that individual reporters play in this process. This workshop will provide a framework for professionals to place their role in context, with the goal of furthering racial and social justice for all children and families.

This presentation is open to:
Social Workers
Professional Counselors
Licensed Mental Health Practitioners
Medical Doctors and Other Health Professionals
Other professionals interacting with populations engaged in mental health based services

Location: Virtual

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Cost: $59.99 for one session, $99.99 for both sessions

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