Webinar: Naming The Elephants In The Room-Overcoming Resistance To Achieve Health Equity


Wednesday, Jul 17, 2024

1 CE

Despite decades of effort, racial and ethnic disparities in healthcare remain a persistent challenge. This interactive workshop will explore the root causes of this stagnation, with a particular focus on the often-unacknowledged resistance to change that hinders progress towards health equity.

Through examination of the ongoing disparities in healthcare outcomes, identify the individual and organizational behaviors that obstruct equitable practices. Participants will learn to recognize these "elephants in the room" within their own institutions and develop strategies to dismantle these barriers, fostering a more inclusive and equitable healthcare environment.

Learning Objectives:

Define and differentiate between individual and organizational sources of resistance to change in the context of health equity.
Identify specific examples of resistance to change that may have contributed to the slow progress in addressing health disparities.
Apply the concept of resistance to change to real-world scenarios in healthcare settings and propose strategies for overcoming this resistance.

This activity is intended for physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers, counselors and other mental health professionals. 

Location: Virtual

Sponsored By: Sheppard Pratt

Cost: Free

For questions, email cme@sheppardpratt.org

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